Patricia Wente has been involved in strategic relationship engagement and broadcasting for nearly 35 years. The "Wente Group Inc. based in St. Louis represents local, regional and national experience in small, medium and large sized markets in the United States.

The focus of the group encompasses developing strategic relationships that would enhance the overall organization for positive outcomes in the areas of community engagement, major donor or investor development, fundraising, capital campaign management, marketing and special events.

Wente brings first hand experience managing organizations in small, medium and large markets as well as experience at the national level in Washington DC.

Positioning and poising organizations for strategic engagement for rewards in increased activity resulting in an overall net gain are the focus of The Wente Group.

As President of Public Radio In Mid America, the Mid West public radio station for six years, she embraced the needs of the public broadcasters and translated these needs into much needed strategic relationship training for other managers to incorporate in their organizations.

She also worked with the Public Radio Regional Organization comprised of the other public radio regional heads in the system to represent public radio issues to National Officials in public radio and at national meetings for six years. Wente also served on the National Public Radio board of Directors in Washington DC for 6 years.

Patricia Wente has had significant experience with strategic relationship development with individuals, organizations and corporations.

Wente demonstrates passion for achieving record breaking results and 100% dedication to a project and a high energy level. Wente has interpersonal skill sets with first hand experience in the field to provide planning, strategizing and implementing plans to create a solid foundation to organizations of all sizes.

Strategically developing, examining, planning, focusing on bench marks for achievement as we cultivate our community internally and externally is the key to an organization's future!